How to get the best price with home staging

My name is Cindy Desjardins and I am a Certified Interior Decorator with Randall’s Interiors. I am very pleased to have been asked to contribute this guest post to Suzanne Desrochers’ blog and share with you the first step towards getting the best price for your home through home staging! I have known Suzanne for many years and have also bought and sold houses under Suzanne’s guidance. Being continually impressed with her professionalism and experience, it is my pleasure to include some home staging tips for her readers.

Benefits of Home Staging:

  • Curb Appeal. This entices buyers to see more!
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Better overall impression of your home.

Home staged kitchen - before and after
To get the best price for your home, you want to make sure that both potential buyers and other real estate agents, see your home at its absolute best. The process of home staging is one where you make sure you accent the positives about your home even if that means doing a little physical labor to make some aspects of your home better. When I stage a home, it is to maximize the potential value and overall beauty of the property.

When a buyer sees a house that has been home staged, it looks showroom ready. This can significantly impact the offer price.

It is worth it!

There are places and things in your house that you will need to fix, move around or completely re-do in order to ensure you are getting the full value possible for your home. For over 10 years, I have decorated numerous residential and commercial properties. What I have listed below are just a few general, but important, Home Staging tips that can transform your home from basic to beautiful!


Nothing can make a large space seem small like having too much stuff in it. The potential buyers won’t be able to see the house and how it flows; all they will see is all your stuff. If you haven’t used a thing in three months, box it up and put it in storage until you move.

Neutralize wall colour

We all have different decorating tastes. Neutral colours on the walls are like a blank canvas and lets the potential buyer more easily imagine how their stuff will look in your house. Also, where possible, keep your furniture off the walls. It does not make the room look larger, it makes the walls seem closer.


Removing everything that is personal to you in your home when it is time to put it on the market will create a neutral space. They want to be able to see the home acceptable for their own purposes. If you keep your home neutral, people will be able to think about how they would like the home for themselves.

Emphasize space, light and storage areas

Letting lots of light into your home makes the rooms seem brighter and larger. Open up those drapes and make sure the windows are good and clean. If possible, light shears or blinds that allow light to diffuse into the house are better than bare windows, but no heavy drapery.

Truly, if you are selling your home, then Home Stage it!

There are many more advanced tips to home staging, which can help to display a home’s true charm. Home staging is definitely productive but doesn’t have to be expensive. My home staging fee is based on the scope of work to prepare a home for viewings. I would be happy to lead you through every step of the process.

Its fun, profitable and gets the results you want!

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Interior Decorator
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