Suzanne is simply the best!

As a member of the military, I have moved often and have purchased and sold a number of homes over the past thirty years. Suzanne has been the most professional, dedicated and efficient agent I have ever dealt with. She does what she says she will do, and does it exceptionally well.

Needing a quick sell, I followed her advice for list price and implemented every suggestion she made to improve the look and feel of the home so that it would look great to prospective buyers. The quality of the pictures of my home that she posted on her web site are unmatched and drew well over a dozen visits in the first week alone. I was able to sell my home at my desired price in 21 days.

That’s remarkable in today’s difficult market for sellers. Suzanne is simply the best and you would do well to hire her as your agent if your are considering selling your property.

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